Tree Removal / Shrub Removal Service in Pittsburgh, PA


The Rudiments of Tree and Shrub Removal Services

The trees and plants on your property will either be contributing to the beauty and functionality of your location or causing obstructions and even potential hazards. While it is always best to look for every way to save trees, there are times when shrubs and trees must be removed and this should always be done carefully and professionally.


It is always best to call in an experienced tree and shrub removal service when it comes to the potentially dangerous task of tree and shrub removal. A professional service has the skills, tools and experience to carry out the task with no damage and risk to people, pets and property in the vicinity.


If you have been thinking about making adjustments to your property and are consider removing or moving a tree or clearing shrubs, here is what you can expect from a professional tree service


Why Trees Need to Be Removed


A strong healthy tree growing in the perfect spot is a joy to all and does much to improve the visual aspects of your garden. Trees and shrubs provide many other benefits like shade, dust control and sound proofing.


But, if trees are not in a well-appointed location or are diseased or dying, they can bring just as many complications as benefits. Dead trees will dry out and lose structural strength; frequently sending their heavy limbs— called widow-makers— crashing down below causing damage, destruction and injury.


Diseased plants and trees can also pass on their plagues and sickness to other trees in the garden. Dead and sick trees can also cause pest problems. Termites and insects can be attracted to the defenseless trees for plentiful food and cozy accommodations. They will also bring with them rats, possums, squirrels and other creatures responding to the food supply.


Finally, trees may also have to be removed to make way for construction plans and the development of a property. We would like to remind you that there are many ways to incorporate trees into plans, but we admit this is not always possible. Often the only way to make progress towards the goals of your property is to have the tree removed in the safest and most professional manner possible.

Why Choose Professional Tree Removal Services?


Having a tree and shrub removed can be an especially complex task. Here are some of the reasons it is best to leave the cutting and hauling to the professionals.




Whether the trees and shrubs you would like to remove seem very large or small, it is important to remember that there is always more to the task than initially meets the eye. Even seemingly small trees and shrubs can have extensive root networks and many other challenges not immediately apparent.

If not executed with proper procedure and planning, there are many ways that this job can be botched and the results even more costly than a professional tree service. This is especially true for trees growing in an urban or suburban location. An experienced tree service will be able to carry the task out in a swift and efficient manner. The chances of unpleasant outcomes will be greatly reduced.

Safety Precautions


Your tree and shrub removal service will have all the state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that this task is pulled off without a hitch and this begins with proper safety precautions. In addition to licensing and bonding, your professional tree and shrub removal service will have their process down to a fine science that ensures the tree is completely disassembled and reduced to small logs that can be easily dealt with at your leisure. We can even haul them away for you!


State of the Art Tools


Tree removal services are equipped with much more than just a chainsaw and ladder. To properly remove a tree, it is essential to carefully cut it into manageable sections and with very tall trees and those with extensive branches, this requires special tools and heavy machinery. You can expect your professional tree services to come fully equipped for the task at hand


Perfectly Polished Finish


Many DIY enthusiasts will sharpen their machete and set to clearing their land of shrubs and trees with little thought of how they will finish the task. If the cleared trees and shrubs are not addressed properly, the task is not completed. Roots and stumps can grow back or cause a danger if left as they are. But your tree and shrub removal service will be able to provide various options on dealing with these remnants of cleared vegetation.



Final Notes on Using Professional Tree Services


Professional tree services can help make a potentially difficult task simple and leave you with the property as you envisioned it. The risk-free results and final touches are just part of the benefits of having property cleared with a professional tree and shrub removal service.